„The Firebird“ flies to Kleibrok

On Friday morning, February 15th, 2019 the „White Horse Theatre“ presented their stage play „The Firebird“ for the 3rd and 4th grade of our primary school.

All children have been a litte bit frightened, when Prince Ivan and Princess Zarevna have been imprisoned by a wicked magician.  To get out of prison the only hope of both was the magic feather, which Prince Ivan received  from the beautiful mysterious firebird.  With this magic feather they called him back. To get them out of prison, they have to find and to destroy the magic egg, without awakening the magician. With the help of the children,  both found the magic egg and destroyed it. At the end the glass walls, that surround the Prince and the Princess, have been destroyed by the help of the firebird.

All children had lots of fun. Many thanks to the actors for their great performance.


Many thanks also to the „Freundeskreis der Grundschule Kleibrok“, which supported this stage play with a financial contribution.

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